Serene is a "home-grown" brand for Al Arabia for Carbonated Drinks and Juices It comes in two categories: regular juice drink and juice floats. Serene Float is a juice with real fruit pieces. Serene is available in 3 different sizes: 185ml, 250ml and 350ml.

In 2013, Serene Float became one of the best products in its range to hit the global markets.

Serene Float's unique undisputed recipe of fruit juice and real fruit pieces (or "Floats") has proved to be hugely popular with the younger generation and is today available in a variety of flavors: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Mango and Special Fruit Mix.

Serene has established the unique brand property, "Floating Flavors " & “The Serene Gang” the fruit juice with real fruit pieces the floats are symbolized in 3 characters, the Boss, The Wise and the Dumby , which has highly differentiated the brand within the fruit juice category.

The Serene Slogan is “Flavor Explosion” & ”Unbelievably delicious”.

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How about that ride in? You guys may not know this, but I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack.
But when Serene introduced you to me.
ooh wait I .. I was alone in the pack and then i thought ... wait a sec... could it be. And now i know for sure i just added two more guys to my wolf pack.

Wolf Pack?
Pico we are The Serene Gang you buckle head & we are here to talk about Serene not your wolf pack

Whatevaaa !!!!

Serene Floats 240ml

Serene Regular 240ml

Serene Floats 185ml

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